The Links at Gettysburg Wedding Venue

The Links at Gettysburg weddings are events of ease. Don’t let the golf course deter you, this may be the Gettysburg wedding venue of your dreams. 

This Gettysburg wedding venue is like a breath of fresh air. I hold my hometown and our precious venues near and dear to my heart, but The Links at Gettysburg brings a fresh and elegant look to the South Central PA wedding scene. 

As a wedding vendor, whether you’re a florist, caterer, photographer or baker – you’re almost always looking over your shoulder to see if there is something more you can be doing. Somewhere else you can be helping out or pulling your weight, but every time I turned around at The Links… instead of something to do, I always found Allysa. The venue’s built-in coordinator. The Links at Gettysburg prides themselves in playing a role in helping your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. They don’t want you setting up tables, running errands, or cleaning up when the day is done. They just want you to get married

The Hosting Space

My couple opted to tie the knot on the venues three-tiered outdoor patio, and have their reception in the clubhouse. According to The Links at Gettysburg’s site, their space is ample to accommodate up to 250 guests. I really loved that the bar was easily accessible but was in a different room, along with the food service and the cake, keeping the lines for food and drinks out of the tables and dance floor area. 

Getting Ready Spaces

This Gettysburg wedding venue offers two incredible getting ready spaces. One space (traditional groom) is a loft situated by the course where the wedding party can spend some time with their clubs prior to getting started for the day. The loft consists of two large rooms with lots of seating and surface area for spreading out to get ready.

The second space (traditional bride) is a room off of the main hosting area with the clubhouse. I actually love this placement because while it is tucked through several doors, it is still so easy if the bride or bridesmaid needs to touch up, access their bags, change shoes, or if the bride does an outfit change. It is so close and convenient yet out of the way. The space has a dressing room, and a larger getting ready area with tons of mirrors and two private restrooms. There is also a dress closet perfect for hanging a wedding gown and/or bridesmaids dresses.

Additional Accommodations

The Links strives to be all-inclusive. According to their website they include guests’ tables and chairs, along with linens, centerpieces, glassware and day-of coordination. However, their goal is to take off your plate – not control it. Your coordinator will make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it to the best of their ability. 

A Photographers “Candid” Perspective

 As much as I love my little comfort venues like Centrebrook Farm and The Goldfish Barn, it was so nice to head into Gettysburg and shoot at such a beautifully elegant venue. From the moment I walked into the event hall, I was just blown away by how pretty it all was and the effective layout. 

First things first: the venue is HUGE. My second photographer and I were so excited to put around on golf carts to experience everything that the golf course had to offer, and it did not disappoint. At first I was a little bit anxious to hear that we had a time limit on the course to take the primary photos (this meant no sunset photos on the course itself), but by working with my bride and groom it actually ended up being fairly painless, and exploring the golf course with my couple was so fun. Something I would advise my couples if I could do it over again, though – would be to allot more time to their photos. It was a lot of driving from spot to spot, and even then I felt like we were zooming through our portraits, and if you were to add in just a little bit of stress it could’ve been really unenjoyable for all of us. Thankfully my couple was incredible and so easy to work with, making us only a little bit behind our timeline. 

Being late was totally worth it though, because the course was beautiful. My clients opted to shoot under a gorgeous willow tree, on the infamous bridge, and below the waterfall. I’d keep in mind that there may be a bit of photoshop or masking skills needed from your photographer, because it is hard to completely avoid the path when shooting wider and nobody wants a paved road right through their photos. I also found that even though we were in our allotted window of time to shoot on the course, it was still fairly busy. So I did a lot of editing out rogue golfers. 

All and all from a vendor’s perspective, my second and I found the space very easy to work within. The coordinator was great and super helpful – and even though we had some bright sun we were able to make everything work for us. We did do some sunset photos just up on the patio with the fairy lights and we still absolutely love them, even though it would have been so beautiful to snag some down on the course.

The Links At Gettysburg might be YOUR perfect wedding venue if:

  • You’re wedding guest count is 60-250 people
  • You want a temperature controlled venue to celebrate in, but an outdoor ceremony
  • You want a more modern elegant look
  • You’re already considering a wedding planner/coordinator 
  • You like the idea of all-inclusive and stress-free

You can learn more about this Gettysburg wedding venue on their website here.

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